Our Highlighted Chew of the Month:

White Oak Pastures Esophagus!

Why is esophagus beneficial for my dog?

Esophagus has excellent nutritional benefits as well. They are a low-odor, protein chew with high levels of natural glucosamine and chondroitin (lubricates hips and joints).

How are they made?

They come from humanely raised, pesticide free, pastured animals. The animals are USDA inspected and dehydrated on-site; no freezing, no chemicals and no preservatives used!

How much do they cost?

$5.00 each

How often should I give one?

Every dog is a little different. Younger dogs are always looking for ways to exercise their jaw muscles, and certain working breeds are focused on getting higher than average access to chews. Remember to start slow, and monitor your pet whenever giving anything new.

What is our philosophy on chews?

We share White Oak Pastures’ respect for the animals they raise and slaughter. We show our respect by using as much of the animal as possible where there is nutritional benefit. While the primary meat is sold for human consumption, we know there are lots of benefits available from the remaining animal anatomy.

Who is White Oak Pastures?

They are a 150 year old multi-generational family farm in Bluffton Georgia that works hard to maintain Fair, Sustainable, and Humane production practices on everything they touch.

Check out this amazing article that The Bitter Southerner wrote about White Oak Pastures. Or click here to visit White Oak Pastures’ home page.