Our philosophy at The Whole Dog Market is so simple, it can be summed up in four words: One Treat, One Farm. 

When we first decided to create our all-natural treats and chews, sourcing our proteins close to home would be the utmost priority. We knew immediately that our ideal farm partner was White Oak Pastures, a multi-generational family farm in Southwest Georgia. The folks at White Oak Pastures believe, as we do, in raising animals the right way. They are certified humane, and all of their animals are raised in pastures on certified organic land. Not only does this ensure we start with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available, but it enables us to support White Oak in return, and create a lasting partnership that sustains our local community.

It's that very partnership that allows us to stand behind every product we make. For each treat, chew, and rawhide that comes out of our kitchen, we can point to where it came from and we know every part of the story along the way. When you purchase from us, you become part of that story. You stand behind responsible caretakers that are focused on supporting our community, sustaining our environment, and raising animals with the respect and honor they deserve. No chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormones, no preservatives. That’s the commitment we uphold every day at The Whole Dog Market.

Learn more about White Oak Pastures at whiteoakpastures.com