Why are rawhides beneficial for my dog?

Rawhides are a great, long lasting chew for even the heavy duty chewers! Hide doesn’t crack or splinter and it satisfies that deep, back of the mouth chewing need your dog needs to reach their daily chewing quotient.

They don’t look like a typical rawhide?

These rawhides are sun dried at White Oak Pastures. They contain no preservatives, no pesticides, and no glues. They’re NOT baked or bleached like typical rawhides making them much safer for consumption and digestion.

How are they made?

They come from humanely raised, pesticide free, pastured animals. The animals are USDA inspected and hides are sun dried on-site; no freezing, no chemicals and no preservatives used!

How often should I give one?

Every dog is a little different. Younger dogs are always looking for ways to exercise their jaw muscles, and certain working breeds are focused on getting higher than average access to chews. Remember to start slow, and monitor your pet whenever giving anything new.